Road Freight

Road Freight offer includes all types of Cargo. We provide Dry Bulk, Dangerous, and Valuable Cargo Road Freight Services.

Dry Bulk Cargo

The transport of Dry Bulk Cargo requires additional safety conditions. To guarantee the Cargo’s integrity, we deploy safety measures that prevent depletion, fires, and exposure to the whims of the natural environment.

Dangerous Cargo

Our team is sufficiently experienced in Dangerous Cargo transport and the associated procedures and methods of operation. We meet all mode-specific ADR and IMO requirements. We also offer Temperature Sensitive Cargo Transport Services.

Valuable Cargo

Veris Logistics organises the transport of Valuable Cargo in strict accordance with the established terms, the highest standards of service and compliance with additional safety standards. Depending on the type of Cargo, additional security measures are deployed to ensure smooth delivery.

Veris Logistic offers Additional Cargo Insurance, an alternative to standard Third-Party Liability, working primarily to the benefit of the Cargo Owner. Contact us for more details.

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