About Us

About Us

Veris Logistics is a rapidly developing logistics supplier founded by industry experts.

Founded by industry experts in 2020, Veris Logistics is a rapidly developing logistics supplier whose founding principles are based on a sound set of business ethics and values.

Our strategy is to procure the highest quality services, which has earned us the trust of over 500 business partners. We successfully fulfil over 800 contracts each month, maintaining precision and execution quality at the highest level possible.


Maintaining reliability is the foundation of our daily operations. We treat every client as the most important customer. We approach our customers' demands with dedication and commit ourselves to provide the very best quality of services. Furthermore, we believe this is the only way our partners can have true peace of mind.


We base our business endeavours on trust in mutual relations, honesty, and openness in communication. These virtues allow us to deliver the best solutions for our partners. Serving our customers is our priority.


With years of experience in the industry, along with know-how, our team is ready to take on even the most ambitious challenges.


We believe that behind every company is a great team of people. At Veris Logistics, we value the importance of a strong corporate identity as an internal aspect of our company. We are a close-knit team of people. Our working relationships are based on the idea of partnership and mutual respect, ensuring the success of our business partners.

What we do

We are a Logistics Operator offering a full range of solutions to clients from various sectors.

Our team covers Road & Rail, Sea, Air, and Intermodal Freight Transport Services. We transport Dry Bulk, Dangerous, Valuable, and Oversized Cargo.

National borders are not a challenge for us. We offer a wide range of Domestic and International Shipping and Logistics Services to meet the supply chain needs of our partners.
From small independent businesses to larger corporations, we have the experience and operation to provide the most efficient and highest-level services.


The whole world is within reach. Reliably and on time.

At Veris Logistics, we aim to provide the highest-level Logistics Services, regardless of our partners’ location or business scale. We are passionate about bringing different parts of the world together. We carry goods to people faster.

In addition, we do our work with passion that we put into practice by providing the best service quality and customer satisfaction. Veris Logistics is founded on the ideas of innovation, teamwork and mutual respect that ensure the success of our business endeavours. We are open to new ideas and operate in a highly flexible fashion.

We are a reliable partner for Logistics. Likewise, we have the necessary experience and industry expertise to guarantee the certainty of delivery. Gaining our business partners’ trust and their peace of mind are our priorities.

When tailoring the best Transport Solutions, we always see the bigger picture and think outside the box. Forward-thinking helps us to deliver on time.

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